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Residents 1946

 Old Swan Residents List 1946

The Residents list from streets in Old Swan, in 1946. PRESCOT ROAD, OLD SWAN (13).
299 Prescot road, Fairfield, to East Prescot road, Knotty Ash.

395 " Green Lane Tavern" Arth. Dey
397 Liverpool Corpn. Tramways Depot
St. Anne's C. of E. School

Shaftesbury ter
Ashton st
Salvation Army Hall

461 Drummond Jas
463 Dossor Ernest A. registrar of births, deaths and· marriages (North district)
465 Hoult Roy Wltr. grocer
467 Roberts Rowland Wm.,painter
469 Hall H. Hammond dentist
471 Tiernan Edwd. funeral director
471 Collinson F. A
473 Baldwin J as. Edgar
475 Gustafson J n. property repr
477 Aspinall Edwin insur. agt
479 Morris Albt. S. tram inspector
481 Liverpool Evening Express   (branch office)-Thos. Emery manager

Greenfield .rd

483 Edwards Wilfred J. pawnbroker
485 Edwards Miss Madge milliner
487 Edwards Miss Madge ladies' outfttr
489 & 491 Old Swan Post,   M.O. and Telegraph Office
493 Wong Tin laundry
495 Donald John printer
497 Livermore Albt. -Edwd.   electrcl. contrctr
499 Dexter Laundry Ltd
503 Davies Misses Margt. & Mary,   drapers
505 Hart Wm. H. florist
509 National Provincial Bank Ltd
509 Royal Liver Fri.endly Societyy Herbt. Bowker district manager
509 Rapid Dismantling & Metals Co. Ltd. scrap metal mel'S
509 Tin Alloys Co. solder mfrs. (Bank bldgs)
509 Mycock J. S. & Co. Ltd. meat salesmen
511 Ferguson Thomond drapet'
511a   Manchester Slate Co. I,td .
513 Bell Mrs. Annie butcher
515 O'Connor Fras. boot and shoe repr
519 " Cygnet Hotel" Percy Godfrey

Derby la

521 Carrington Mrs. Emily A. caretkr
521 Martins Bank Limited-Oswald Morris manager
521 Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd..H. E. Hughes district supt
521 Customs & Excise Offices (Old Swan district)
521a Stiles Arth. A., chiropodist
521c R,oyal London Mutual Insurance Society_T S. Winstanley supt
523 Kay's pastrycooks
525 Midland Bank Ltd. - Jas. W. Barker manager

Pemberton rd

527 Irwin J n. Sons & Co. Ltd. grocers
529 Johnson Bros. (Dyers) Ltd. dyers
529a Caldwell Mrs. Edith tohccnst
531 Furniss A.S. Ltd. chemists
533 Timpson Wm.Ltd. boot&shoe dlrs
535 Lunt George & Sons Co. Ltd. bakrs

Woodhall rd

537 Parry's Butchers
539 Shaw Chas Hy Tobccnst
541 Lennons Ltd. Grocers
543 Waterworth Brothers Ltd Fruitrs
545 Dobson E & Son Drapers

Fitzgerald rd

547 'Liverpool Co-operative Society Ltd
549 & 623 Briggs Mrs. Alice draper
549 Briggs J n. Saml
551 Freeman, Hardy & WillIs Ltd. boot and shoe dlrs
553 Salt Wm. J as. (H. Salt propr.) grocr

Orleans rd

555 Kelly Rt. baker
557 James J n. Edwd. fishmngr
559 Gerrard Oscar butcher
559a Jeffries Mrs. E
561 Elliott J N. grocer
563 Bush R. & Son greengros
563A Bush Geo. fruitr

Sunbeam rd

565 & 567 Cookson Frank S. pawnbrokr
569 Sayers (Confectioners) Ltd. bakers and pastrycooks
571 Kearns W. E. Ltd. butchers
573 Pegram J. & Co. Ltd. grocers

Southgate rd

577 Taylor Richard & Sons Ltd. bakers
579 Hulme Mrs. Emma newsagt
581 Tyrer Herbt. fried fish dlr
585 Hughes Ernest R. butcher
587 Huxley Stafford L. fishmngr
589 Anakin J n. C. & Sons Ltd. fruitrs

Dovercliffe rd

Curzon Cinema-Saml A. Eaton manager

611a Fairclough Mrs. Rhoda ladies hairdrssr
611 Thompson J as. Edwd. confctnr
613 & 615 Hughes Bros. outfitters
617 Law Harold hardware dlr
617 Murray Mrs. Sarah
619 Elliott Mrs. Eliz
619 Spicanspan Cleaners dyers
621 Dey J n. Bernard chemist
621a Davies J n. bricklyr
623 Briggs Mrs. Alice draper
623 Cleary J n. Rt. motor driver
625 Nuttall Mrs. Elsie milliner
627 Tinckler Mrs. Maud
627 Lockwood J. E. butcher
629 Woodson's Stores Ltd. grocers
631 Morris J. E
635 Waterworth Bros. Ltd. fruitrs
639 Green F. E. newsagt
639 Gargill Dudley manager "Black Horse Hotel" Wm. Edmnd. Hayman

Black Horse la

661 Surrell J n. turbine driver
663 Gregory Albt. commrcial travllr
665 Irving Geo.Jun. tool setter
667 Marsden Fras .
669 Thomas J n. tramway employee
671 Tarbuck Rt. tramway employee
673 Haygarth Edwd. Gordon contrctr
675 Gardiner Rt. sheet metal worker
679 Farrall Mrs. Florence

Queen's drive Stoneycroft East East Prescot rd., Knotty Ash
Electric Hare Grey hound Racing Ltd
Stanley Track Racing Club

Frogmore rd
Endsleigh rd
Dunmore rd

316 Britannic Assurance Co. Ltd
326 Rushbrooke G. (Smithfield) Ltd. butchers' outfitters
328 Barclays Bank Ltd

Chudleigh rd

Abattoir Garage (Smith & Harding) motor spirit service station

Barrymore rd

358 Wilkinson H. & Sons Ltd. furniiture removers

Aviemore rd

362 Johanson Mrs. M. A. cafe
364 Stanley Butchers' Supply Co. Ltd. butchers' outfitters
366 "Stanley Arms Hotel" Hugh Patrick Canavan
368 Barrigan Arth. boot repr
370 Tomkins Wm
372 Gardner Mrs. Eliz. cocoa rms
374 Platt Chas. Arth. tobccnst

Church rd

396 Hallam & Cross boot reprs
396 Hallam Septimus boot repr
398 Unsworth Frank butcher
400 Lacy J n. fruitr

Ennismore rd

402 & 404 Liverpool Co-operative Society Ltd
406 Roche Wm. Jas. newsagt

Gidlow rd

414 Lunt George, Sons & Co. Ltd. bakrs
416 Street Thos E butcher
420 Paley Jsph. Hewitson chemist
422 Jackson Hugh grocer
424 Rotheram Rt. Gore pawnbroker

Herrick st

426 Irwin John, Sons & Co.Ltd.grocers
430 Brew Herbt. hairdrssr
432 Curran Miss Agnes fnrnitnre brkr
434 Blackledge James & Sons Ltd. bakers

Ronald st

436 Corrighan Mrs. Elsie pastrycook
438 Smith Mrs. Edith
440 Heyes Mrs. Ann
442 Shelton T. gardener
444 Basford Mrs
444 McDougall R. & Co. Ltd. funeral furnishers
464 & 466 Michael Mrs. Eliz. hardware dlr

Goschen st

468 Appleton's Household Stores Ltd. chandlers
470 McCulloch Jas. butcher
476 Lewis Ernest Wm. boot repr

Bibby st

478 Crawford's Stores grocers
480 Lea Edwd.ladies' hairdrssr
482 Hughes Mrs. Laura confetnr
484 Dean Cyril confctnr
486 Dowling Arth. Fras. confctnr
488 Taylor R. &Sons Ltd. bakers

Childers st

490 Crouch Harold fried fish dlr
492 & 586 Regent Cycle & Radio Co. cycle dlrs
494 Sayers (Confectioners) Ltd. bakers and pastrycooks
498 Lunt Wm. tobccnst
500 Houghton Leslie D. chemist
504 Bunn Harold bird dlr
506 Smith Thos. furniture dlr

Day st

508 Irwin J n., Sons & Co. Ltd. grocers
510 McCulloch J as. butcher
510a OId Swan Spiritualist Church
512 McEvoy Wm. timber checker
514 Pritchard Arth. fruitr
516, 518 & 520 Cohen L. (Furnishers) Ltd. house furnishers

Macfarren st

524 McWilliams Misses Dora & Eliz. newsagts
526 Findley & Morgan confctnrs
528 Wilson Miss Ada Annie tobccnst
530 McCann Jsph. bldr
532 Hyland In. ladies hairdrssr
534 Boden Wm. Chas. butcher

Bell st

536 Hume & Co. (Chemists) Ltd
538 Thornton Miss Frances dairy
540 Sinclair Douglas chandler
542, 544 & 546 Swift's (House Furrnishers) Ltd

Batley st

550 Bottomley Lewis tailor
552 Peters Mrs. Annie draper
554 & 556 Bell's Lino Stores linoleum warehsmn
558 Murphy Chas. tobccnst
560 Westminster Bank Ltd. (branch)

Booth st

562 & 564 Staples Leonard J. boot mkr
566a & 568a Barnard Bros. cycle dlrs
570a Hawkins Jas. & Son boot and shoe dlr
572a King's dyers and cleaners
574a Miller Miss Lily china dlr
578 & 580 Greenberg M. & .Son Ltd. bldrs mers
582a Chesters Fredk. baker
586 & 492 Regent Cycle & Radio Co. cycle dlrs
560 Westminster Bank Ltd.-Douglas Arth. Poole manager
590 Liverpool Savings Bank (Old Swan branch)
592 Sykes Benjamin & Sons Ltd.bakers
594 Davies Mrs. Emily hosier
598 Ministry of Food Office

St. Oswald's st

Broad Green rd
225 "Old Swan Vaults" Chas. Wyer

Liverpool Corporation Tramways Shelter and Office

223 Kellys (Tue Brook) bakers
223 Suckling Wm. G. haulage contrctr
223 Huckfield C. T. & Co. cellulose sprayers
221 Stone Jack shopkpr
219 Bentley Lawrence boot repr
217 Sockol! Miss Rae fancy goods dlr
217 Parry Mrs. Eleanor
215 Crawshay Miss Eliz.refrshmnt. rms
213 Davies Frank bird food dlr
211 Barker Mrs. Florence M. chandler
209 Bailey Mrs. Amy fishmngr
207 Chadwick Mrs. B. licensed brkr
205 Melin M. A. & Son pram dlrs
203 Robinson Alex. licensed brkr
201 Cole Mrs. Jane laundry receiving office
199 Rostron Baron fried fish dlr
197 Taylor Mrs. Mary shopkpr
195 Tilley Mrs. Alice pastrycook
191 R. M. S. Wireless
191a Harper J as. dairy
193a Coyne J n. confctnr
193 Johnson Mrs. Mabel florist
189 Roddy J as. boot repr
189a Redmond Wltr. pork butcher
187a Scurr Miss Mary Florence milliner
187 Coady J n. Rd. ironmngr

185 "Masons' Arms" Albt. Hy. Ashley

Fernleigh rd

648 Sturla Gco.& Son Ltd. genl.drapers

Belfast rd

650 People's Benefit Furnishing Co. (Liverpool) Ltd. house furnisbers

Ulster rd

654 Liverpool Gas. Co. (showrooms)
656 Martins (Dyers & Oleaners) Ltd. dyers
658 Costigan William & Sons Ltd. grocers
660 Tyman 1.Iiss Catherine f1shmngr
662 & 664 Samuels Harry greengro
662A Hollywood Hats milliners

Munster rd
Leinster rd

Liverpool Corporation Public Library and Reading Room Miss Elsie Parry librarian

Baden rd

New Regent Cinema-Percy Clucas manager

165. Banks Alfd. J joiner
165 Banks A. & F. joiners

Queen's drive East Prescot Rd Knotty Ash
DERBY LANE, OLD SWAN (L13) 517 Prescot road.

St. Anne's Parochial Rooms and Men's Institute

Old Swan Police and Fire Station Rt. Freeborough

3 Ankers Elymer fire brigade sergeant
3a Lobley Wm Hy fire brigade inspector
5a Cnmmings Peter police sergt
7 Hughes jn
9 Stevenson Thos. tramdriver

II Taylor R. S. & Co oontrctrs
13 McCann Jsph. bldr
15 Sullivan Timothy Wm
17 Hill Mrs
21 Wright Miss Lilian teacher of dancing
23 Old Swan Boys Club
25 McCullock Albt. clerk
27 Martin Wm Frecik.daucing master
27 Murren School of Dancing - Billy Martin & Pauline principals
31 & 33 Duffy Timothy,MB Ch B BAO Physcn nd Surgn
37 & 39 Thompson jn. A., M.B.Ch.B. physcn. And Surgn

Brookland rd

41a McKay Bernard
4la Featherstone Jsph
43 Read Miss Edith Maud pastrycook

Albany rd n

51 Scott Wm., Jun confctnr
55 Greatrex Mrs Mary
57 Naylor Benj. clerk
59 Hough Miss Eleanor teacher of dancing
61 Love Wm. RT travllr

Highfield rd
63 Wilcox Wm. mainteance engnr
65 Redmont Michl engine driver
67 Nordoff Jsph heating engr
69 Kendrick Harlod marine engnr

Sandstone rd

71 Gee Mrs Sarah Lillian
73 Old Swan Conservat1ive Club E Carmen

Derwent rd

73a Co Operatiive Society Ltd

Stoneville rd

73 Deville Thos Hugo Cow Keeper

Undercliffe Rd

Portelet rd

Guernsey rd

Stoneycroft Cres

Queens Drive West Derby DERBY LANE, OLD SWAN (L13).

2a Berg Miss Sadie costumier
2 Taylor Rd, Spoffard contrctr
2 Moran Alfrd manager
4 Leigh Simon, MoSc., M:.:B., Ch.B. phsyn and snrgn (surgery)
4 Ottey Jn shipwright
6 Rennard Cecil Langton dentist
8 Harbridge Mrs. E. L
10 Makeating Arth. M. dentist
12 Bland Hy. J. Sen
14 Colburn Wm
14 Kensington Loan, Discount & Investment Co Ltd A R Malley MD
16 Buce Holles milliners
16 Franks Sidney jn
18 Cann Regnld. Wm. statnr
18 Cann Regnld. Wm.
22 Coffey Wm. H
24 Skeen jn
28 Kelly Jas. salesman
30 McGarry Fredk. teacher of dancing
32 Rogan Geo. J. dentist
34 Bradshaw Rd
36 Ward Mrs. Ann
38 Gidlow Miss Emily
40 Wood J n. labourer
44 Craven Wm
46 McMillan D. slater
46 Hamnett Jn. W. chemist
50 Pickles Rennie tobccnst

Ravenswood rd

52 Cook Thos. fried fish dlr
58 Fraser Thos. A. fitter
60 Doyle Patrick clerk
62 City Display Co. sign writers
64 Walton Clifford, B.Sc., F.S.M.C., F.I.a. optician
64 Walton Miss Helen I., B.Sc., F.I.A.O. optician
66 Chadwick B
68 Taylor-
72 Gregory Edwin cycle dlr
74 Marcus Mrs. Lena gowns
76 Comery GeraJld
78 Lott Fredk. cotton salesman
80 Hilsby Jn. tramway inspector
82 McCarthy Mrs. Catherine
84 Bradley Jn
86 Allen Fredk., Post-office worker
90 Mak's Chinese laundry

Wharncliffe rd

92 Phillips Jsph. E. hardware dlr
94 Cropper Clifford Fielding dairy
96 Silverman Michl. fruitr
98 Livesey Hector McLellan hairdrssr
1OO Caldwell Newbury Wilson grocer
102 Mason Chas

Woodchurch rd

104 Jones Jn. railway worker
106 Webster Miss Alice florist
108 Bleasdale Geo. confetnr

Woodgreen rd

112 Scott Wlll., Jun. confctnr
112 Derby Lane Sub-Post, M.O. & T. Call Office
114 Scott Wm., Jun. gramophone dlr
116 Kendrick Thos. D. butcher
118 & 156 Waterworth Bros.Ltd. frtrs
l20 Morgan Edwd. grocer

Ionic rd

l22 Mackenzie Alex. linen draper
l24 Clayton Wm. Hy. hardware dtr
l26 Caledonian Laundry
128 Rosenberg Max tailor
130 Savouries (L'pool) Ltd. fish fryers
130 Johnston Jas. tailors fttter
132 Sayers Confectioners

Acanthus rd

134 Warriner Arth. Allan milliner
136 Vickery Wm. Geo. confctnr
138 Bloodworth Leonard boot repr
138 Harding Percy Geo
140 Smalley Mrs. Eleanor butcher
142 Drew Wm. hairdrssr
144 McGovern Gerard fishmngr

Cornice rd

146 & 148 Coombes Jas. & Co. Ltd. boot reprs

St. Paul's Church

Etruscan rd

Corinthian av

154 Lunt Geo. Sons & Co. Ltd. bakers
156 & 158 Waterworth Bros. Ltd. fruitrs
158 Gibson David newsagt
160 Moffat Geo. A. chemist
162 McNamee Mrs. Eliza chandler
164 Carlen L. erectrcl contrctr
166 Hughes Wm. baker

Torus rd

Scotia rd
186 Webb Mrs. Lucy Atkinson ladies outfitter
186 Welsh Jn
188 Webb Harold A. grocer
190 Percival Geo. T. dairy
192 Langley Wm. H. butcher
194 Parker Thos. fruitr

Corona rd

196 McGowan Arth
198 Gilmer Mrs. Gertrude Margt
200 O'Callaghan Miss Catherine
202 Barnett Miss Emily
204 Tidswell Mrs
206 Christian Jas. Hy. joiner
208 Wells Chas. painter
210 O'Grady Jas
214 Ballard Miss Mary
216 Smith Jn. Philip kiln operator
218 Brown Herbt. Jas
220 Wilson Jas
222 Lucas Rt. warehsmn

Queens drive, Stoneycroft

1, 3 & 5 "Old Swan Hotel" Jn.Kelly
7 Ure T. & M. cycle dlrs
9 Rogers M. wine and spirit mer
11 Stevens Wm. Ernest hairdrssr
13 Maypole Dairy Co. Ltd. butter mfrs
15 Atherton Jn. herbalist
15a Rapid Transit service garage
19 Santer Chas. tailor
19a Ramilton Mrs. Jean
21 Hughes Ernest R. butcher
21 Swash Fredk. die caster
23,25 & 25a Cookson F. S. pawnbrkr
29 Deverdic Mrs. Margt
31 Perkins Wm. Jn
33 Hewitt J as. painter
35 Taylor Mrs. Kathln. Margt
37 "Ropers Arms" P.H. Thos. Taylor

Percival st

39 Murphy Jas. sexton of St. Oswald's Church
41 H Yates Wm
43 Connell Jn. Jsph. railwayman
45 Nolan Mrs
47 Connell Mrs. Nellie
49 Gibson Jsph

St. Oswald's Roman Catholic Church, Presbytery and Schools
Coghlan Rev. Nicholas (R.C)
Connery Rev. Jsph. (R.C)
Taylor Rev. Thos. (R.C)
McCarthy Rev. Jeremiah (R.C)
Reynolds Rev. Gerard (R.C)

Convent of Mercy Sister Mary Rita superioress

St. Oswald's Roman Catholic Young Men's Society W. Dale sec

Mill Lane

51 & 53 Glynn Sami. shopkpr
53a Butler Wltr
55 Horrocks Chas. hairdrssr
57 Taylor Mrs Rose fried fish dlr
59 " Old Omnibus Inn" Geo. Wilson

Maddocks st

67 Moseley Arth S. butcher
69 Hawley Mrs. Norah confctnr
71 Pover Jas. S. grocer
73 Murray Miss Ann Jane butcher
75 Slater Jas. greengro
77 & 79 Rotheram Rt.Gore pawnbroker

Macqueen st

95 "Queen's Arms" P.H., Rt.Hughes

Edge Lane drive


2 Hoults' Provisions Ltd
4 & 4a Tyman Miss Catherine fishmngr
6 Waterworth Bros. Ltd. fruitrs
8 Bertie's Ltd. grocers
10 Hill & Co. (Liverpool) Ltd. drug stores
12 Jones W. T. & Sons Ltd. seed cleaners and importers

St. Oswald's gdns

14 Whiteway Rd. Leslie chemist
16 Lott Mrs. Alice Maud confctnr
18 Apel Wm. butcher
20 Lunt Geo., Sons & Co. Ltd. bakers
22 Carmichael's stores drapers
24 Reeces & Sons Ltd. who. dairymn
26 Butler's (Liverpool) Ltd. florists
28 Yates Kenneth newsagt
48 Garnock, Bibby & Co. Ltd. hemp and wire rope mkrs.
(Old Swan Rope works)

Davidson rd

82 Wood Wm. S. electrician
84 Byrne Mrs. Rosina Edith
86 Dale Mrs
88 Blakely Jsph
Elms House rd - Edge Lane

1 Trevora Products Ltd. pastry cooks
3 Jones Mrs. Ethel May fried fish dlr
5 Broad Green Cycle & Radio Co. Ltd. cycle dlrs
7 McDaid Thos. hairdrssr
9 Royle Edwd. boot repr
11 Shorrock Miss Mary C. B. newsagt
13 Blades Myles butcher
15 Brown Mrs. Elsie confctnr
17 Entwistle Mrs. Lillian draper

Aylesford rd

19 Cubbon Brothers Ltd. bakers
21 Parkinson Sydney greengro
23 Davies Jm Wm. grocer
25 Preece Mrs. Ethel hardware dlr
27 Lewcock Fredk. Elgar newsagt

Killarney rd

Heinz H J & Co Ltd Food Specialist

Cowper rd

Durban rd

51 Hale C. & Sons mechanical engnrs
53 Evans Wm. Isaac motor driver
55 Burnett Wm  
57 Beavan Wm. engnr
59 Wilson Wm. Herbt
61 Jones Alfd. plasterer
63 Dagnall Sydney Chas. dairy

Enfield rd

65 Irwin Hy. grocer
67 Herron H. police sergeant.
69 Dutton Wm. Gordon chauffeur
71 Winter Jn. Hy
73 Thompson Mrs. Mary Cecilia
75 Marten Mrs. Ethel G. tobccnst

Oakhill rd

Broad Green Road Council School

Rossall rd

Saville rd

111 Hargreaves Enoch Birch newsagt
113 Duggan Jn. Jas. motor driver
115 Kennedy Jas
117 Taylor Wm. scale mkr
119 Power Jsph. foreman
121 Peters Lewis T. A. Health food store

Gorton rd

123 Colwell Harry grocers' manager
125 Parry Edwd. painter
127 Cornforth Arth. Fredk. plumber
131 Beattie Danl
133 Bannon Laurence coal dlr

Glen rd

135 Allen Miss Caroline
135 Allen J. & E. gown specialists
137 Shaw Alfd. Wm. clerk
139 Morgan Miss Dorothy
141 Mackay Jn
143 Blackie Jn. Merrick
145 Cowan Mortimer

Heliers rd
147 Craven D. W. funeral furnisher
149 Neild Edwd. shop manager
151 Briggs Mrs. Edith
153 James Mrs. Clara
155 Berryman Rd. head hospital porter
157 Langan Rd

Withnell rd

159 Jolly Mrs. Susan
161 Luckett Wm. Hy. Regnld.
163 Morgan Mrs. Margt
165 Barbour Jas. clerk
167 McNally Mrs. Winifred

White House rd

169 Goldstone Benj. manager
171 Reid Stewart A. policeman
173 Price Mrs. Mary M
    Burton Thos. Hy. managing director "White House"

175 Callister Frank busdriver
177 Kelly Hy. school teacher

1 Hoban J n. fitter
2 Willis H. painter
3 Thomas Sydney boot repr
4 Pearson Mrs. Margt
6 Radford Jas. joiner
7 Smith Wm. gardener
8 Pye Wm. Edwd
9 Hay J n. foreman
10 Lane Wm. C. storekeeper
11 Russell Wm. railway servant
12 Shaw In. Beresford
13 O'Neil Matthew docker
14 Reeves Arth. storekeeper
15 Parkinson Thos. upholsterer
16 Jones Chas. J
17 Winder Albt

209 Colebourne Mrs. Eliz
211 Hughes Geo
213 Corkhill Jn. Jackson gardener
215 Smith Miss Eliza

"Gardeners' Arms" P.H., Thos. Burns

Edge Lane drive. Queens drive

2 Craven & Co. funeral directors
4 Winstanley Wm. florist
6 Manson Edwd. newsagt
8 Dukes Joinery Ltd

Old Swan Senior Evening Institute Old Swan Junior Technical School

1 McDonnell Martin, M.B.,B.Oh., B.A.O.N.U.Irel. physcn and surgn
2 Oakey Jas. cranedriver
3 Ball Thos. plumber
4 Stewart Miss Ethel
5 Bickerton Mrs. Mary
6 Monteith Jn. foreman
7 Sager Thos., A.I.S.C.,M.R.S.T. teacher of music
  Hodgson Jonah
  Rapid Transit furniture removers "Ellerslie"
  Newton Jn Joiner "Stretton Villa"

Montague rd

Bellman Geo. Will."Esk Villa"

28 St. Vincent's Hospice for the Dying Sister Aloysius superioress

Broad Green Road gdns

Cunnningham rd

2 Woods Hy. bricksetter
30 Williams Mrs. Margt
30 Williams Rd. & Co. welders
30a Taylor Fredk. boot repr

All Saints' Parish Church

OakHill park

Hutchinson Saml. Rt. cashier

" Hillcrest "

Sullivan Thos. clerk" Braddan
Brown Mrs. Annie "Hilbre"
Moulton Misses M. E. & L.
Lennon Thos. "Alaverdi "
Jones David Idris schoolmaster "Brentwood"
Linacre Thos. salesman "Ivanhoe"
32 Rous Wm. E. taxicab propr
36 Curry T
38 Motorlux Taxi Co
42 Jessop Mrs. Eliza
40 & 42a Cornforth Arth. Fredk. plumbr
46 Mackenzie Alex. Edwd., L.R.C.P. and S.Edin., L.R.F.P.S.Glas. physcn. and Burgn
48 Dolan Arth
50 Daley Thos. F. dentist
52 Kerr Frank
54 Caldwell Ernest G. W. clerk
56 Buswell Miss Ethel M

Oak Hill park

80 Davison Philip
82 McLelland Wm. clerk
84 Hutchinson Edwd. weighing clerk
86 Parkinson Thos. bus conductor  
88 Pierpoint Hy. T. printer  
92 Austin Mrs  
94 Plnmpton Gerald T. shop manager  
96 Hobson Leonard Geo. transport driver
98 Irving Wltr. foreman  
100 Sinclair Fredk. Jas. railway porter  
102 Moulden Alfd. taxi-cab propr

Footpath to Mill Lane

Oak Vale Congregational Church  

Edge Lane drive

Talbotville rd  

108 Peacock Thos
110 Walker Miss Helen Vary
112 Morrissey Mrs. Theresa
114 Owen Jas. B. manager
116 Mills Wm
118 Papworth Mrs Lilian W
122 Riddick Rt. N. manager
124 Abel Rd. Cecil
126 Shaw Chas. Hy. tobccnst
128 Barr Arth. S. commrcl. travllr
    Rimmer W. J. (1918) Ltd. funeral furnishers "Kenfield"
    Rimmer W. J. "Kenfield"

Warnerville rd

1 Else Miss Eliz. Helen
3 Martin Hy. Jsph
5 Watson Regnld. ship's steward
7 Wardle Wm. motor driver
9 Kroefifer Miss Henrietta
11 Watson Mrs. Emily
13 Millar Mrs. Mary
15 Fowler Jsph. A. clerk
17 Hyde Vietor
19 Marriott Mrs. Eliza
21 Kelly Mrs. Amy Isabella
23 Shaefer Jsph. engnr
25 Dutton Jn. engnr
27 Buckley Mrs. Hilda
29 Oliphant Geo. manager
31 Murphy Dennis labourer
33 Clague Rt. corporation employee
35 Shepherd Mrs. Margt. Jane
37 Jones Thos. police constable
39 Fyfe Wm. engnr
41 Kershaw Mrs. Nellie
43 Wright Rt. Jsph. police constable
45 Moore Jas. A. joiner
47 Shepherd Jas
49 O'Brien Chas. Wm. seaman

Ravenswood rd

No's 51 to 69 were demolished by a bomb during the war - 2/3rd May 1941

71 Bunn Harold
73 Watters In. joiner
75 Morgan Jas. D. fitter
77 Sewell Thos
79 Hawkins Geo. foreman
81 Fitzpatrick Mrs Eliz
83 Price Chas. fitter
85 Breen Mrs. Ellen
87 Meadows Thos. Jas. engnr
89 Dunn Edwd. storekeeper

Wharncliffe rd

4 Whittaker Thos. tram driver
6 Lawler.Fredk. foreman
8 Murdock Mrs. Violet
10 Roberts Thos. Cbas. manager
12 Graham Mrs. Agnes
14 Dean Mrs. E. S.R.N., S.C.M. midwife
16 Rose Mrs. Emma Jane
18 Maddocks - tank tester
20 Smith Rd. Thos. window dresser
22 Fisher Thos. Geo
24 Ball Albt. Edwd
28 Scott Mrs. Ethel Irene
30 Rose Bertie toast master
32 King Fredk. Jn
34 Westley Alex. G. E. travllr
36 Donaldson David
38 Leck Mrs Margaret Mary
40 Carr Mrs Rosemary
42 Rimmer Jn
44 Powell Mrs Ada
46 Breen Edwd Clerk
48 Simms Josh Labourer
50 Kelly Herbt G.P.O. worker
52 Harbour Eric Bus Driver
54 Jones Thomas Bricklyer
58 Donohue Mrs Charlotte
60 Hanniford Jas Hy police constable

Ravenswood Rd

No's 62 to 78 were demolished by a bomb during the war - 2/3rd May 1941

80 Rannard Mrs. Ada
82 Wallis Mrs.. Ann E
84 McNabb Hy
86 Harwood Mrs. Frances M
88 Simmons Thos. Police constable
90 Yates Mrs. Mary ladies hairdrssr
92 Evans Mrs. Lily
94 Wheeler Chas. insnr. agt

Wharncliffe Rd

1 Crawshay Miss Eliz
3 Smith Jsph. Edwd. clerk
5 Jones Mrs. Mary
7 Rooney Thos. polisher
9 Stenson Thos. bank clerk
11 Nugent Miss Mary Ellen
13 Jones Jn. alfrd. labourer
15 Almond Mrs. Alice
17 Power Mrs. Rose
19 Webster Jas
21 Fearnley Wltr. poster writer
25 Gillard Jn. joiner
27 Barnes Fred
29 Phillips Mrs. Edith
31 Robinson J n. labourer
33 Gresty Josiah inspector
35 Murray Andrew manalIer
37 Bullen Matthew W. Ships steward
39 Copeland Wm. fish salesman
41 Mangnall Mrs. Ellen Mary
43 Campbell Patrick motor driver
45 Hull Chas. printer
47 Whittle Wm. Hy. taxi driver
49 Graves Alfd. Ernest porter
51 Shannon Mrs. Mary
53 Bibby Mrs. Mary
55 Kent Frank motor driver
57 Pye Mrs. Sarah Ann
59 Brierly Mrs. Ma.ria
63 Walker Wm. motor driver
65 Bell Harry

Ravenswood Rd

87 Willee Jn. Hy
89 Thompson Wm. Rt. greengro
91 McQuade J n. labourer
93 Haynes Allan
95 Gerard Mrs. Julia a
97 Worthington Chas. M
99 Jenkins Harrry foreman
101 Sharkey Mrs. Alice

Wharncliffe rd


2 Chang's Laundry
4 Griffiths Mrs. Kate
6 Murray Miss Edith
8 Pritchard Mrs. Emily
10 Phillips Thos. labourer
12 Haugh Jn. H. bldr
14 Halewood Wm. machinist
16 Eedle Wm. G., Jun. lithographic printer
18 Murray Hy. clerk
20 Cheetham Harry
22 Sumner Arth. Cross railwayman
24 Wilde Victor labourer
26 Briggs Mrs. Harriet coal dlr
28 Watson Mrs. Anna
30 Williams Jas. H
32 Tarleton -  
34 Hyde Will. tram inspector
36 Perry Harold bns conductor
38 Coppel Chas Clerk
40 Whatmore Thomas engnrs tool mkr
42 Lorenz Albert electrician
44 Anderson Miss Alice
46 English Mrs
48 Gower Walter, Checker
50 Rawlinson Mrs June
52 Nimmo Mrs Gertrude
54 Holland Hy Window Cleaner
56 Clark Herbert
58 Gray Mrs Margaret
60 Cryer Miss Maud H Chiropodist

Ravenswood Rd

62 Williams Rees
64 Johnson Jas Hy
66 Wise Hy
68 Watts Percy manager
70 Cox Mrs Ada
74 Ashcroft Mrs Eliz
76 Wilkinson Mrs Beatrice
78 Bragg Jesse bus driver
82 Griffiths Edwd Ernest
84 Herbert Jn clerk
86 Harrison Albt. Victor
88 Curran Miss Mary
90 Bennett Jn. Fortune bus driver
92 Waterworth Alex. commrcl artist
94 Hoyer Mrs. Mary Una
96 Worrall Arth. motor driver
98 Ball Edgar clerk
100 Elliott Wm. Thos
102 Delve Geo. Stanley decrtr

Wharncliffe rd
Fitzgerald Rd residents have their own page !

3 McPherson Thos. Spencer scientific instrument mkr
5 Ryder Gerald insur agt
7 McMurray Geo. engine driver
9 Webster David joiner
11 Jones Hy. master mariner
13 Lee J n. Geo. storekeeper
15 Sammons Thos. cooper
17 Pulson Wm. accntnt
19 Coates Ernest clerk
21 Valentine Thos. Edwd. Switchboard attendant
23 Peace Jsph. leather dresser
25 Kennedy Tom M. motor driver
27 Smith Edwd. electrician .
29 Smyth Jn. Arth. window cleaner
31 Snowdon Kenneth railway employee
33 Patten Wm
35 Kennedy Bernard fitter
37 Pennington Jn. baker
39 Brewster Mrs. Mary
41 Hawkings Hy. scaffolder
43 Henry Wm. electrician
45 Walker Fras. bus driver
47 Norman Reuben tram driver
49 McAteer Peter textile operator
51 MackenzIe Wm. cabnt mkr
53 Bucher Jn
55 Plaistow David, warehsmn
57 Fraser Adam, gardener
59 Cameron Jn Aleck

Ravenswood Rd

61 Molyneux Jn. Lloyd
63 Judge Frazer, Tramdriver
65 Bailey, Mrs Florence
67 Strain Geo, turf commission agent
69 Dwerryhouse Jas Jsph, rope maker
71 Hawkins Harry
73 Burke Eric Stanley, electrician
75 Lightfoot J L, police officer
77 Begley Jas, engineer
79 Newton Edward, cattle salesman
81 Boyd Herbert Chas, shunter
83 Bamber Wm, salesman
85 Goodwin Mrs Isabella Maud
87 Weaver Mrs Florence
89 Scarisbrick Jn
91 Netherwood, Mrs Dora
93 Lamy Alfred, corporation employee
95 Myers Mrs Amy
97 Livesy Mrs Ethel
99 Porter Mrs Lena
101 McCracken Jn


2 Boulter Alex, hairdressers assistant
4 Lewis Miss Mary Priscilla
6 Knight Harold Geo, labourer
8 Lloyd Rd
10 Glover Wm, engine driver
12 Hunt Ralph Wm, paint mixer
14 Owen Chas, post office sorter
16 Sampson Mrs Eliz
18 Stockton Leslie, fitter
20 Ford Geo, clerk
22 Tuddenham Walter, labourer
24 Shell Rd, seaman
26 Heffernan Edward Joseph, labourer
28 Liddiard Howard, clerk
30 Hesketh Jn. carpenter
32 Phillips Mrs Eliza
36 Stamper Arthur, decorator
38 Davies Mrs Emma
40 Hepburn Chas
42 Small Chas. Hy tool mkr
44 McCracken In. instrument mkr
46 Lloyd Thos. labourer
48 Rigby Wm. surface worker
50 Metcalf Sidney W. wareho. porter
52 Loftus Wm.J "corporation employee
54 Barry Jas. labourer
56 Campbell Geo. fitter

Ravenswood rd

58 Meharge Mrs. Gertrude
60 Burns Alfd. salesman
62 Radford Walter, metal worker
64 Townsend Edgar Chas. electrician
66 Grant Thos. Edwd. police constable
68 Hockley Sidney salesman
70 Craig Frank
72 Connor Jas. porter
74 Bach Herbert. Arth. lithographer
76 Ralston Wm. electrician
78 Moore Mrs. Ellen
80 Jones Geo. Alfd. platers help
82 Weaver Geo. labourer
84 Davies Mrs. Mary
86 Wright Geo, joiner
88 Ryder Jas
90 Davis Samuel joiner
92 McLaughlin Jsph. polisher
96 Jones Thos. motor driver
98 Owens Geo. Albt. railway servant

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